SEMA show models

By Marnel Estepa

Las Vegas booth models are professional women who are specifically trained to communicate with a large audience, discuss  product, and demonstrate its value in a way that others cannot. 

While the physical appeal of these car show models might draw attendees to booths, their professionalism, experience and ability to communicate key concepts about products will keep attendees talking. Long gone are the days when SEMA models were hired to simply stand and look pretty. Instead, when you hire a professional booth model, you can expect them to engage with attendees in in-depth conversations about the cars they are promoting. Their industry knowledge will keep attendees excited and interested until a qualified sales representative can take over.

Each year the SEMA show attracts over 60,000 attendees. The majority of these attendees are in executive management positions and are focused on the latest automobile trends, developing partnerships, and making purchases. With the help of an experienced booth model, their brand will be able to direct traffic to their booth and qualify more leads.  Because SEMA is a reoccurring car show in Las Vegas, many of our models have worked it in the past. They already know what to expect and how to best attract and approach attendees.


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Photographer: Marnel Estepa

Producer / Editor:  Roy Sanchz


Intellectmind LLC, Las Vegas, NV