What is the best truck to have?

The best truck to have is the Chevrolet Avalanche why because the truck bed comes with a cover and the 2nd row seats can fold down to extend the truck bed so you can put long items in the bed such as plywood, drywall, and long 2 by 4 wood studs. I compared the 5 best selling trucks Chevrolet Avalanche, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra. and Nissan Titan. If you can only afford 1 truck you would choose the most functional and has the best the features.  I rank the 1st place truck Chevrolet Avalanche because of the functionality of the truck bed that can extend to carry longer cargo. This is important because you want the cargo strap inside the bed so it doesn’t fly away when your driving on the freeway which can cause a fatal accident if a wood flys out of your tail gate. That is why you can put a long plywood, drywall, and 2 x 4 wood stud and still close the tail gate securing the load so it doesn’t fly out of the bed.

Plywood fits in the bed of a Chevy Avalanche.

Built in cover for the bed of the truck.

The 2nd place truck is the Ford F-150. I like the style and interior of the truck because Ford adds a lot of new gadgets on the dashboard. The truck is great for a crew of 5 people and seats comfortably. The only problem is the bed is too small to carry plywood and drywall because you have to leave the tail gate open. There is a risk when you leave the tail gate open because the cargo and wood can fly off the bed. If you put a tool box in the back of the bed, the space for cargo is even smaller and you can’t even fit a dirt bike in the back without leaving the tail gate open. To solve this problem I would recommend getting a Ford F-250 because it has 4 doors and a longer truck bed. However the Ford F-250 is more expensive than the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Avalanche that is why Ford truck is in second place. The Ford F-250 has a use full tail gate because it has a step hand rail built into the tail gate. I wish Ford would include a factory cover for the truck bed like the Chevrolet Avalanche.

2013 Ford F-150



The Chevrolet Avalanche and the Ford F-150 trucks are good at towing utility trailers. The 2013 trucks have built in back up cameras and parking sensors. The new trucks have better fuel mileage than the older trucks.

My two recommended trucks are the Chevrolet Avalanche and the Ford F-150, but if you only have money to buy 1 I would choose the Chevrolet Avalanche because it has 4 doors seats 5 people, has a cover for the bed, the bed can extend to fit motorcycle, plywood, drywall, and long stud wood and still close the tail gate. The truck has plenty of rooms for passenger and when it comes to hauling big cargo the bed can be extended to the 2nd row to fit the long cargo in your truck bed.

Producer / Editor:  Ray Sanchez




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