What is the best vans on the road?

The best vans on the road is the Chrysler Town & Country and the Nissan NV why because you can turn them into a super van by making them electric and hybrid vans.

Can someone make a Super Van?

What is a Super Van? A Super Van is when you combine all the features you get in a full size van, conversion van, cargo van, passenger van, mini van, camper van, office van, and work van together you get a Super Van. A Super Van is a full size van with dual power sliding doors that converts from passenger van, to cargo van with a tuck away seats (stow & go) that fold into the floor. The Super Van is an electric hybrid which gets 50 miles per gallon and can still tow a utility trailer. The Super Van is also amphibious which means it can float in water when there is a flood. The Super Van has solar panels on the roof where it can recharge the batteries and run the air conditioner when the engine is off. The Super Van has a low roof that can fit into any parking garages, but when you in an open parking space, you can expand the roof if you are camping and want head room. The Super Van has a big hood so it is easier to do maintenance on the engine. The Super Van has a luggage roof rack with cross bar. The Super Van has a digital gauge system with heads up display and flir night vision. The Super Van has a security camera dvr system that records car accidents in 360 degree view. The Super Van has back up cameras and parking sensors. The Super Van has 30 air bags, side curtains, roof air bag, side seat air bag, and dual front air bags. The Super Van has an external roll cage to protect the passengers. The Super Van has a 3rd row seat that converts from a sofa to a bed. The 2nd row seats fold down into the floor like (stow & go seating or tuck away seats). The driver seat and front seat can rotate facing the back and converts into a recliner. The air condition system run on a rechargeable solar batter so you can take a nap in the van and stay cool without turning on the engine. The Super Van has dual power window shutters to block out the sun and to have privacy. The windshield has an external shutter with a remote control power shutter. The Super Van is your mobile office that converts to a personal break room so you can eat lunch inside and take a nap during your lunch break inside the van. The recliner chair has a massager that can massage your legs and back so you have energy when you go back to work.

Nissan NV
Pros: Great full size van, large hood easy to maintain engine. Missing features: Needs to have luggage roof rack with cross bar. Needs power sliding doors on both sides. Needs tuck away seats (stow & go) seating. Needs a conversion van edition with reclining sofa bed. Needs backup camera and parking sensors. Needs digital speedometer with heads up display.
2013 Chrysler Town Country
Pros: Great mini van with dual power sliding doors, stow & go seating (tuck away seats), rear view camera, parking sensors, great mileage.
Missing features: Missing cross bar on luggage roof rack. The older models 2005-2010 have better roof rack with dual cross bar supports. You want cross bar because if you have to move plywood, box spring, long 2×4 wood and you tie it down on the roof rack, there is no cross bar to support the weight of the wood. Bring back the old design of the luggage roof rack with the cross bar and add it to the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country.

2005 Chrysler Town & Country speedometer is better than the 2013 because the speed is increments of 10 mpg and you can see 10,20,30,40,50,60,70 etc.

The 2013 Chrysler Town & Country speedometer below is hard to read because the speed increment is 20, 40, 60, 80 which is bad because if you are driving in a school zone with a speed limit of 15 mph it is hard to read the speedometer. Residential streets are 35 mph. If you go over the speed limit because you can see the correct speed on the speedometer you will get a ticket. Bad design on the speedometer the person that design the speedometer with increments of 20 should be fired. Change the speedometer to increments of 10 and add a digital speedometer on the heads up display on the windshield so you keep your eyes on the road.

Chevrolet Express
Missing features: Missing sliding door, this van has a split door on the side which is bad hard to load cargo, all vans should always have sliding doors with power options. Small hood very hard to do maintenance on the engine. No power windows all cargo vans should be fully loaded because it is a work van that is being used on a daily basis and you want the convenience of power windows and locks similar to a passenger van.
Dodge Grand Caravan
Missing features: Missing luggage roof rack with cross bar. Missing backup camera and parking sensors. All mini-van should have luggage roof rack with cross bar as standard on all their models. When you pick up relatives at the airport 7 passengers carrying two luggage having a total of 14 luggage it won’t fit inside the van. You have to put it on the roof rack and tie it down. If you see a mini-van that doesn’t have a luggage roof rack with a cross bar don’t buy it boycott it. Chrysler and Dodge needs to make luggage roof rack with cross bar mandatory and standard on all their mini van models including the base model. There will be days when you have to move large cargo and it won’t fit inside the van so you always want to have a roof rack with cross bar to put the extra cargo.
Ford Econoline Van (2013 E-SERIES WAGON)
Missing features: Missing sliding door has split doors on the side hard to load cargo in parking lot with tight space. Hood is small hard to work on engine and do maintenance. Missing luggage roof rack with cross bar. Ford made a mistake by calling their E-Series van a wagon. It is not station wagon it is a full size van so call it a van. The person in marketing department that decided to call a van a wagon should be fired from Ford. It is disrespectful to call a van a wagon when everyone knows a van looks different than a station wagon.
Conversion Vans

I love conversion vans because they have plenty of room inside and the 3rd row seats can convert into a bed. Missing features: The conversion van is missing the sliding doors on both sides. The downside is too expensive because too many luxury add ons inside and outside the van.Unnecessary body kit, roof height 8 foot tall won’t fit in any parking garages, doesn’t have power sliding doors on both side, split doors hard to open in tight parking space. I want the car manufactures to bring back the full size vans from the 1980’s make it affordable so it can become popular again in 2013-2020. The conversion van is better than any full size SUV because a van has sliding doors easier to get in and out in tight parking space compare to Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Excursion where the 2nd row doors will hit other cars when swung open.


Producer / Editor:  Ray Sanchez
Intellectmind LLC, Las Vegas, NV