SEMA 2013 is coming to Las Vegas Nevada

SEMA 2013 is coming to Las Vegas Nevada everyone be sure to check out all the new products for vans and trucks. I went last year and there were thousands of new products and hundreds of vendors that specialize in customizing your vehicle. In my opinion the best work van in 2013 is the Nissan NV because the engine is easier to do maintenance because it has a large hood like a truck. The Nissan NV has sliding door that is smooth and easy to open. The sliding door is wide and easy to load cargo inside the van.  The tow package is great because it can pull and haul a utility trailer like a truck. The van has backup camera and reverse parking sensor. I would like to see the Nissan NV have a conversion van trim model.

How can we improve the Nissan NV van? Add a luggage roof rack similar to the Nissan Xterra. Add automatic power sliding doors on both sides. Add solar panels to the roof to recharge a secondary deep cycle battery for electronics. Add a window shutter on all the windows to block out the hot sun during the summer months.

nissan nv 2 nissan nv

Off Road Nissan NV


Producer / Editor:  Roy Sanchz

Photographer: Marnel Estepa



Intellectmind LLC, Las Vegas, NV